Community Outreach

CUIMC is Committed to Keeping our Community Informed


Read more about efforts to provide the most up to date information regarding vaccine availability, usage and safety.

  1. Supporting Access. Since The Armory vaccination site opened, we have directly booked appointments for community members who do not have digital access by phone, in partnership with community and faith-based organizations, community-based providers and our local elected officials. We have a large team of outreach workers and schedulers who call community members to address questions about the vaccine and schedule appointments.
  2. Partnering with Community and Faith-Based Leaders. To date, we have reached out to over 70 community groups, senior centers and faith-based organizations to enable them to refer eligible clients for appointments. We are continuing to reach out to CBOs who can make referrals and partner with us in this way.
  3.  Working with Community Physicians. We have a series of trainings for community physicians to use a similar process so we can reach their patients, as well.
  4. Working with Our Government Partners. We are engaged in an ongoing dialogue with our local elected leaders in Washington Heights and Inwood so that we can quickly operationalize any feedback they have about our outreach approach, and so we can support their eligible constituents who may be having trouble accessing the vaccine. Before we opened we hosted a tour to our local elected leaders and since day one have been in constant communication with them and helping them to register their constituents.
  5. Providing Education to Combat Hesitancy. We have scheduled talks for community based organizations to help them educate their staff and clients about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine. We have a Speakers’ Bureau of over 30 expert clinicians available who can provide culturally competent presentations at varying health literacy levels to a range of audiences.
  6. Leveraging Social Media. We are continuing to build and grow the #IGottheShot social media campaign, featuring testimonials from NYP employees on why they chose to get vaccinated. Moving forward, we are looking at growing this campaign in collaboration with local community groups and community leaders.
  7. Engaging our Communities in Various Forums. Currently, we are planning a number of other approaches to encourage our communities to get vaccinated, included but not limited to: launching a direct texting campaign; outreach though Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media groups; third party outreach and promotion of sites; an earned media campaign to promote vaccine access; and hyper local targeted advertising campaign to promote access to vaccinations.